Life Coaching

Imagine, I wonder if you can, an Olympic rowboat and a team inside and you are running to win the competition.
All the persons of the team are rowing to the goal and movement after movement the line gets closer and closer.

The most worried word in the world, but what happens if inside the unconscious mind grows up the seed of something to be changed?

Or, for example, if you look again at the wheal of life you could notice that your eyes are focusing in a certain area of the wheal. Does that area need a change?

I know you are wondering how the change could be done, and my question to you is: are you extremely motivated to do that change and to improve your life in the way you want?

When you put a date on a dream, it becomes a goal.
A goal divided into steps, becomes a plan.
A plan supported by actions becomes Reality.
And your motivation and attitude are the glue that keeps all together.

Sometimes it happens that in our unconscious mind are stored different kind of negative emotions, conflicts, limiting believes, limiting convictions, traumas and phobias that break you to achieve your goals.

Are you now consciously sure of your direction?
Are you rowing straight, in harmony, with the same speed and direction as a united team that works like if it’s one?

Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis or all the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming help you, with your motivation and attitude to improve your behavior and make the changes you are looking for your life.

My coaching is not only helping people healing from traumas or critical life situations it is for anyone. Persons who want to discover deeper themselves, to perform better their own carriers, to change something in their lives, set a goal or anything else that is needed.

I know you're asking yourself that you're not in an Olympic competition and it's true, and you're not competing against all the nations in this wonderful world.
You are just rowing your life, aren’t you?
Or are you waiting for the waves to drive you towards your goals?
How is your boat?

Moreover if you are really participating to the Olympic Games I congratulate you. Make your journey worth a gold medal. 

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