I’m very happy to welcome you to my website.

As you are here watching it, means you are looking for new conscious understanding or changes in your life, and I’m here to assist you in your self awareness journey to become your light with my knowledges of in-depth studies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis.

“What changes are? What is the change I’m are looking for? What do I want to achieve in my life? Why do some situations happen all the time to me? Or why I always meet the same kind of persons? Why do I feel stuck in a situation I don’t wont?”

Probably you have asked your self at least once one of those questions or something similar.

What is/are the area/s of your life you want to improve and achieve massive changes?

The Weal of Life is a simple test where you can see with your own eyes what is/are the change/s you are looking for.

My Coaching brings also to your business or company massive benefits helping you to improve your skills and understand how you can communicate better with yourself and/or others.

Do you want to know how your thoughts, conscious and unconscious, have created the person you are now?

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