My name is Marco Tapio Pasini,

I’m an entrepreneur since I was 19 years old, in that journey I’ve developed skills in leadership, work organization, attending clients, selecting workers, organization of events, dealing with providers, social media advertisement and problem solving.
In December 2012 I moved from Italy to Gran Canaria, where I opened my third company that I'm still owning.
I speak 4 languages ( Italian native, English fluent, Spanish Fluent, Finnish speaking fluent writing intermedia).

I’ve elevated my knowledge in business completing successfully the master at the prestigious London Business School of “ team leading for emerging leaders”.
Meanwhile I was studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® where I’ve been certificated by Francesco Pellegatta, one of the most important trainers in NLP nowadays in the world. Through him I became member of the prestigious American Board of NLP, TLT®, Hypnotherapy and Coach Division, the company of Tad James the second trainer of the history nominated by Jhon Grinder and Richard Bandler co-creators of NLP.

According with studies and psychologists the unconscious mind is the domain of the emotions, the place where all memories are stored, everything along the time line. Moreover it controls the body and protects it from illnesses.
With Hypnosis is possible to talk with the unconscious mind, developing methods of teaching simulating consciously and unconsciously to enable to learn more easily, change behaviors or habits etc.
Under a supervisory of a doctor and/ or psychologist it is possible to develop therapies to help their patients to facilitate the healing as is already under studies by doctors in other countries.

With the Neuro Linguistic Programming you can learn to understand how you create your thoughts, the own behavior, the why of your (re)-actions and how to change unwanted behaviors and also increase the linguistic skills in all its shades as proved by Bandler and Grinder themselves and by all the other major trainers of the NLP world.
Also you can get a conscious thought in about your “relationship” with your unconscious mind and resolve any kind of issue or conflict with the purpose to create harmony inside you.
Any kind of positive change will create a new reality around the person who expressed it.

Time Line Therapy® is the technique to eliminate negative emotions, anxieties and phobias. It was created and developed by Tad James.
Limiting believes and convictions are the boundaries that determinate people’s impossibilities and are a part of what we generally call behavior. Lot of people are using TLT® to resolve their own traumas or negative emotions becoming a shiner light of themselves and creating extraordinary changes in their present. Moreover, it is possible to work with the time line and set desired goals into the future.

The purpose of my coaching is to help people to free their own full self expression and to increase their own skills.

The coach is not a guru that gives life lessons, but a figure that supports the clients to develop and mature choices independently, in full freedom and congruence with their values.

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